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!X! is a direct messaging app that allows you to receive messages on multiple social media & communication apps based on who sends it.

Preference: Receive messages on the social media apps you prefer based on who sends the message.

Setup: Setup up all your accounts one time and add contacts easily.

Networking: Both sender and receiver have to have a !X! account.

Multi-messaging: Receive messages on up to 5 different social media & communication apps at the same time.

Organize: Organize and prioritize how and where you receive messages.

Emergencies: One-click emergency messages can be sent to everyone on your list instantly.

Safeguard your identity: Avoid giving out personal info such as email & phone numbers to individuals and companies.

Protect your privacy: Stop getting spam & random messages without your permission.

How It Works

Someone sends a message using their !X! account.


!X!'s intelligent technology determines who and where to send the message.


The receiver or recipient gets the message, for example, as a Twitter Direct Message and a Text Message on their phone at the same time.

No applications to download to your devices. Works on most iOS, Android and Window devices with modern browsers.

No need to share your mobile phone number, email addresses and social media accounts to people and businesses. Share only your !Ximml! account.

Supported social media apps are:
Email, Twitter, Text Messages, GroupMe, Chat and Web Push Notifications.

Send messages to family and friends

Blast or receive messages for concerned people if there's an emergency

Blast or receive messages for customers and employees

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